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Permanent Loans

Permanent loans are used to acquire properties or to refinance existing commercial real estate or hotels with stabilized cash flow. At Stonehill, we offer CRE and hotel financing that can help your business achieve a higher degree of success in the competitive marketplace. As a direct lender, our team can help structure and provide the most practical and effective solutions for all your ongoing CRE and lending needs.

How Do Permanent Loans Work?

In general, permanent loans are best suited to projects with solid in place cash flow. These loans typically allow for up 65-70 percent loan-to-value amounts and can provide you with the funds needed to acquire new properties to expand your portfolio. Permanent loans designed for refinancing can help you access equity capital in your existing property, ensuring the most effective use of your available cash.

Leverage Our Experience and Expertise

Our extensive experience and expertise in CRE and hotel funding options allows our real estate private equity firm to deliver capital for all your financial needs. The experts at Stonehill can design a lending strategy tailored to your precise set of requirements, allowing your project to enjoy the best options in the CRE and hotel loan marketplace. We work with you at every step of the process from initial application to disbursement of your funds, allowing you to enjoy the personalized service needed to achieve your financial goals.

At Stonehill, we are a direct lender to owners in the CRE and hospitality industry. We can provide you with the best and most comprehensive choices to deal with cash-flow issues, to acquire new properties and to renovate or remodel your existing properties. To learn more about the direct lending options available to you, contact us. We look forward to financing your deal.

Loan Guidelines

Amount $10 million to $100 million
Rate Starting at 7.00%
Amortization Interest Only
Purpose Acquisitions and Refinances (other scenarios considered)
Loan To Value Up to 65% LTV
Loan To Cost Up to 65% LTC
Loan Term 5 to 10 years
Loan Fee 1-2%
Guarantees Recourse and non-recourse