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Preferred Equity

At Stonehill, we offer preferred equity solutions for CRE and hotels owners to help them achieve the funding they need for acquisitions, recapitalizations, renovations and expansions. We are a leading real estate private equity firm with the resources you need to fund your project quickly and effectively. Understanding how preferred equity arrangements work can help you make the most informed choices in the CRE and hotel lending marketplace.

For owners, preferred equity arrangements may offer added sources of capital for managing your capital stack and business plan. These arrangements are typically utilized in addition to a senior loan.

Loan Guidelines

Amount $3M – $20M
Rate Starting at 13%
Amortization N/A
Purpose Acquisition
Rescue Capital
Loan Assumption
Partner Buyout
Loan To Value Up to 95% LTV
Loan To Cost Up to 95% LTC
Loan Term N/A
Loan Fee 2%
Guarantees N/A