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Hotel Loans for New Extended Stay Properties

Considering opening up an extended stay hotel? Hotel loans from experienced hospitality lenders can help you make this a reality. Whether you’re interested in new construction or converting older properties into extended stay options, you need creative and affordable business loans for your hotel.  There are several reasons why many in the hospitality industry are […]

Permanent Hotel Financing Pros & Cons

Low cost, long-term hotel financing is valuable for many situations. Permanent loans can help offer these benefits for hotel owners with an already successful property. Permanent financing isn’t for everyone, so it’s important to understand the advantages and disadvantages associated with these loan types. What is Permanent Hotel Financing? First, what are permanent hotel loans? […]

Hotel Lending to Improve Revenue Management Strategies

As the hospitality industry looks to the future for maximizing profits, your hotel lending professionals can help fund tools you need for your strategies. Revenue management systems are quickly becoming the norm for hotel properties around the world. With increasing competition from all sides, hotels need to strategize for their continued success in the market. […]

Hotel Loans for Franchise Hotel

Purchasing a franchise hotel is a great way to get started in the hospitality industry. When thinking of acquiring a franchise hotel, it’s important to consider which hotel loans you need. In addition to choosing the right type of loan for your situation, you’ll also need to estimate how much you will need for acquisition […]

Hotel Financing Helps You Make Your Hotel Instagrammable

In the modern age, it’s not enough to provide clean, service-oriented hospitality. More and more, younger guests are looking for hotels that are Instagrammable so they can share their travels with friends on the internet. If your hotel needs an upgrade to achieve this, consider hotel financing to make your hotel social media worthy. This can […]

Using Hotel Loans for Recapitalization

When you think of hotel loans, you likely think of the debt you take out when you first began. However, hospitality loans can also help you recapitalize your business. Hotel owners should always be looking for restructuring options as a proactive step toward keeping your capital stack optimal. Therefore, learn more about hotel loans and […]

Preparing for a Meeting with Your Hotel Financing Lenders

With the right hotel financing, you can be successful in the competitive hospitality industry. Of course, first you’ll have to meet with lenders to obtain hospitality loans. Once you have determined that you need hotel financing, the next step is to research which type of hotel loans will work for you and find a lender. […]

Using Hotel Loans to Modernize Guest Check-In

Today’s travelers expect more from the hospitality industry. Luckily, mezzanine hotel loans offer an easy way for you to keep up with guest demands and desires. For example, hotel loans are an easy way to make improvements like smart phone check-in and guest room access. These updates provide many benefits that can help your bottom […]

Managing Hotel Construction Costs

With ever rising hotel construction costs, it’s important to manage your expenses and find the best hotel financing for your needs. While you may be tempted to cut corners to save money, there are many other effective ways you can save without skimping on important details. First, you should make a detailed plan about your […]

Best PIP Practices to Get the Most Out of Your Investment

Property improvement plans, or PIP’s, can be expensive. Therefore, you should try to get the most out of your renovations and hotel loans. PIP’s address many different things. For example, mechanical systems, guest rooms, security systems, and landscaping. These renovations can help your hotel fit your brand and also increase profit and customer experience. In recent years, […]