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Hotel Financing & Loans - Franchise Hotels

At Stonehill, we are a leading capital provider for funding acquisitions, renovations and recapitalizations of franchise hotels, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of faster funding and a streamlined process for your hotel lending needs. We work with you at every step of the way to provide capital for your hotel financing needs.

Understanding Franchise Hotel Financing

Typically, you can find debt to acquire a franchised hotel through one of two methods:

  • Bridge loans are hotel loans designed specifically to provide funding for hotel assets that do not have stabilized cash flows. Bridge loans are typically interest only for most or all of the loan term, and are structured to allow you to implement a value add business plan to stabilize the hotel’s performance.
  • Permanent loans are hotel loans typically used to buy stabilized hotels. Permanent loans are typically structured with a lower interest rate, and amortize over 20 to 30 years.

Stonehill can provide you with the most comprehensive options for debt capital financing, allowing your business to enjoy the luxury of choice in the hotel loan marketplace.

Why Choose Us?

At Stonehill, we have the proven experience needed to help you navigate the franchise hotel loan marketplace.