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Stonehill’s Commercial Real Estate Group, Stonehill CRE is a strategic expansion of the company’s ability to offer attractive risk adjusted returns to investors while focusing on underserved sectors of the lending market.  With the addition of seasoned professionals Daniel Siegel, Nisu Mehta, Greg Koenig and Taylor Pike, Stonehill has expanded the ability to lend beyond just hospitality.  Stonehill CRE’s $7 billion plus in acquisition experience allows for a full-service platform for borrowers.

Stonehill CRE focuses on heavy transitional assets and sectors of the credit market that are traditionally undersupplied by traditional lenders.  Stonehill CRE is a solution for borrowers focused on construction, heavy rehabilitation, land development and home builder finance, as well as currently undersupplied asset classes such as retail and office.

Stonehill Loan Programs 4.25.23