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Hotel Financing for Renovating Historic Hotels

Every hotel will need to renovate at one point or another. Many historic properties are well overdue for renovations and capital improvements. It’s important to find the right hotel financing options to renovate and update a historic hotel. Let’s discuss these projects for your property.  Hotel Financing Solutions for Historic Hotel Renovations There are many […]

Hotel Financing Solutions for Hotel Renovations

Renovations are a necessary evil for hoteliers. There are many reasons why renovations are necessary for staying competitive in an increasingly tough industry. Part of a successful renovation is finding the hotel financing solutions that work best for you. It’s important to understand your options and choose the best financing type based on your property’s […]

Hotel Management Agreements for Hotel Loans

Hotel loans are necessary for many purposes, including acquisitions, renovations, and refinancing. In many cases, hotel lenders will need to review hotel management agreements before granting loans. What many hotel owners don’t realize is that hotel management agreements (HMAs) are critical for any type of financing deal. Unless your hotel is owner operated, you need […]