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Hotel Construction Financing: Distressed Hotel Renovations

You might associate hotel construction financing with new construction where you build a brand new hotel from the ground up. However, this type of financing can also be used for major renovations to hotels. For instance, many investors are buying distressed properties and giving them a major makeover to make them profitable again. In this […]

Hotel Financing: Renovating Bathrooms for Accessibility

Hotel financing can help with many projects, including renovations. One thing that many hotels are investing in right now is renovating room bathrooms to become more accessible. This is to appeal to more customers and also comply with codes from the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). In this article, we’ll describe some things to note […]

When to Use Mezzanine Hotel Loans

There are many types of hotel loans to choose from for your property. The type you choose depends on many factors, like why you need the financing and your current capital stack. One popular type of hotel loan is mezzanine financing, which offers some unique characteristics that may be great for your hotel. In this […]

Know thy lender – or risk putting your asset at risk

A good lender understands the business and fundamentals of hospitality and can walk both sides of the fence, providing both financial assistance and operational understanding. — Stonehill principal Mathew Crosswy As we exit the pandemic, the hotel acquisition market has come back to life. Drawn in by the allure of an inflation hedge with good […]

Creating a Business Plan for Hotel Construction Financing

If you’re planning on building a hotel from the ground up, then you’ll need hotel construction financing. These types of loans help you acquire the land and build the hotel of your dreams. However, it’s important to note that you will need to sort out some details first. For instance, you will need a solid […]

When to Get Permanent Hotel Loans

Permanent hotel loans offer many advantages compared to other types of loans. We regularly provide permanent loans to successful hotels and premium hospitality brands. In this article, we’ll discuss what permanent loans are and how they can help you expand your hotel business. What Are Permanent Hotel Loans? Permanent hotel loans are a type of […]

Hotel Financing: Adding F&B Program

The hospitality industry is undergoing a major shift, with many hotels struggling to stay competitive. Many properties are now investing in offerings and upgrades that can help set them apart from the competition. One competitive advantage is a food and beverage (F&B) program. If you don’t already offer F&B, now may be the time to […]

Guide to the Hotel Development Process

If you’re relatively new to the hotel development process, you might wonder how it works. For instance, when do you secure hotel construction financing? When do you choose a location? Do you need financing before you finalize hotel designs and construction contracts? We will answer these questions and more in this blog. Read on to […]

Preferred Equity Hotel Financing

There are many hotel financing solutions available for your property. Preferred equity financing is one popular option which can provide extra funding for projects like renovations, acquisitions, recapitalizations, and partner buyouts. In this article, we’ll discuss what preferred equity is and how it differs from another common type of hotel financing.  Preferred Equity Hotel Financing Explained […]

Make Sure You Have Must-Have In Room Amenities

While a lot of people have delayed travel during the pandemic, many are now actively looking for top travel experiences. Hotels have a lot of competition, so you need to make sure you have a competitive edge for the uptick in travel. One important thing you can do is improve your in room amenities, so […]