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Key Things to Know About Hotel Bridge Lending

Hotel bridge lending is a good solution when you’re waiting for longer-term financing. These loans are commonly used when acquiring hotels, renovating, or even rescuing distressed hotels. These loans offer many advantages, but there are some things to know first. In this blog, we’ll discuss what bridge loans are and the pros and cons for […]

When to Use Mezzanine Hotel Loans

There are many types of hotel loans to choose from for your property. The type you choose depends on many factors, like why you need the financing and your current capital stack. One popular type of hotel loan is mezzanine financing, which offers some unique characteristics that may be great for your hotel. In this […]

Know thy lender – or risk putting your asset at risk

A good lender understands the business and fundamentals of hospitality and can walk both sides of the fence, providing both financial assistance and operational understanding. — Stonehill principal Mathew Crosswy As we exit the pandemic, the hotel acquisition market has come back to life. Drawn in by the allure of an inflation hedge with good […]

When to Get Permanent Hotel Loans

Permanent hotel loans offer many advantages compared to other types of loans. We regularly provide permanent loans to successful hotels and premium hospitality brands. In this article, we’ll discuss what permanent loans are and how they can help you expand your hotel business. What Are Permanent Hotel Loans? Permanent hotel loans are a type of […]

Hotel Financing: Adding F&B Program

The hospitality industry is undergoing a major shift, with many hotels struggling to stay competitive. Many properties are now investing in offerings and upgrades that can help set them apart from the competition. One competitive advantage is a food and beverage (F&B) program. If you don’t already offer F&B, now may be the time to […]

Preferred Equity Hotel Financing

There are many hotel financing solutions available for your property. Preferred equity financing is one popular option which can provide extra funding for projects like renovations, acquisitions, recapitalizations, and partner buyouts. In this article, we’ll discuss what preferred equity is and how it differs from another common type of hotel financing.  Preferred Equity Hotel Financing Explained […]

Hotel Loans for Purchasing a Hotel

If you’re thinking of purchasing a hotel, it’s important to know what your financing options are. Hotel loans can help you get the upfront capital you need to complete the purchase and maintain operations until your hotel is profitable. In this article, we’ll discuss using financing for a hotel purchase and some things it’s important […]

Hotel Valuation for Hotel Loans: A Guide

In many cases, you need to spend money to make money, and managing a hotel is no different. However, investing cash into things like repairs, renovations, and updated technologies can significantly limit cash flow. That’s why most hotel managers and owners choose hotel loans to help with these critical investments. Loans help provide the capital […]

Hotel Construction Financing: Loan Options

Building a new hotel is a large investment, which means you likely need hotel construction financing solutions. There are many different types of loans to help you construct a new hotel. Our team can walk you through the options that make the most sense for your circumstances. However, it’s good to have some basic information […]

Hotel Management Agreements for Hotel Loans

Hotel loans are necessary for many purposes, including acquisitions, renovations, and refinancing. In many cases, hotel lenders will need to review hotel management agreements before granting loans. What many hotel owners don’t realize is that hotel management agreements (HMAs) are critical for any type of financing deal. Unless your hotel is owner operated, you need […]