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Mezzanine Debt Financing

Mezzanine debt financing combines features of equity capital arrangements with the repayment requirements of debt capital hotel lending. Mezzanine loans are combined with senior loans to provide additional debt capital to a hotel owner.  As a direct lender, Stonehill provides mezzanine hotel loans for your business needs.

At Stonehill, we are a direct lender to owners in the hospitality industry. We can provide you with the best and most comprehensive choices to deal with cash-flow issues, to acquire new properties and to renovate or remodel your existing hotels. To learn more about the direct lending options available to you, contact us. We look forward to financing your hotel.

Loan Guidelines

Amount $1 million to $10 million
Rate Starting at 12%
Amortization Interest only or matched to senior loan
Purpose Acquisition, Recapitalization, PIP/Renovation Financing, and Gap Financing (other scenarios considered)
Loan To Value Up to 85% LTV
Loan To Cost Up to 85% LTC
Loan Term Matched to senior loan
Loan Fee 1% to 2%
Guarantees Recourse and non-recourse