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Hotel Financing & Loans - Boutique Hotels

The financial challenges facing boutique hotels are different from those encountered by chain hotels or franchise hotels. Without the backing of a large chain or financial entity, it can be difficult to access the funds needed to renovate, repair or restore your hotel or to acquire new properties to expand your brand. The hotel lending specialists at Stonehill can provide you with accurate guidance on your options in the financial market and can provide you with hotel loans you need to achieve your goals.

Managing Rehab and Renovation Costs

Our status as a real estate private equity firm allows Stonehill to provide debt capital solutions for boutique hotels. We can access all types of funding sources to provide you with the most attractive and practical options for your equity capital needs. This can allow you to renovate or rehab properties to create a unique independent hotel or to manage cash flow issues more easily for your specialty accommodations.

Creating the Right Financial Paradigm

In most cases, the team at Stonehill can provide your boutique establishment with a variety of options to suit your needs. We offer strategic financing, bridge loans, debt financing and refinancing and permanent loans to ensure that your business operations go smoothly and according to plan. By working with our team of financial professionals, you can enjoy the most comprehensive and relevant choices in the lending marketplace.

If you are seeking hotel financing arrangements that suit your needs and your business model, Stonehill can provide you with expert assistance in identifying, applying and qualifying for hotel loans of all types. We work with you and your company to determine the right approach for your financing needs. Give us a call today at 404-497-1111 to discuss your needs with us. We look forward to the opportunity to help you succeed in the modern hospitality industry.