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Hotel FinancingTaco Bell recently announced the newest addition to its lineup. Rather than a new restaurant location or menu item, this upcoming arrival is a theme hotel that offers accommodations designed for the most committed Taco Bell fans. The hotel has been dubbed “The Bell” and is expected to open on August 9, 2019 for a limited time. This pop-up hotel concept highlights the need for innovative short-term and long-term hotel financing options for hospitality companies.

Taco Bell With All the Trimmings

The Bell will feature many of the most popular menu items currently found on the Taco Bell menu, including Baja Blast frozen drinks, tacos and sauces. New menu items will also be introduced as an exclusive feature of The Bell. According to those in the know, the Taco Bell theme will be carried through the entire establishment. Pool floats will be emblazoned with Taco Bell branding. Guests will even be able to visit an on-site gift shop and salon that will offer theme-inspired hairstyles and nail art.

Reservations Available Starting in June

The Bell will begin accepting reservations sometime in June 2019. Prices and available dates have not yet been released for the new hotel. The Bell, however, is not Taco Bell’s first venture into the hospitality industry. In 2016, the food-service company entered into a partnership with Airbnb to host four fans in a Steakcation event in Ontario, Canada. This event was designed to draw attention to the release of the Steak Doubledilla, a new menu item released during that year.

The Right Solutions for Hotel Financing

The projected success of the Taco Bell pop-up hotel is a good example of the opportunities made possible with the right hotel lending arrangements. It is likely that Taco Bell and the Yum! Brands conglomerate can afford the cost of this temporary hotel out-of-pocket. However, other businesses in the hospitality industry benefit from short and long-term hotel loans that can allow for timely renovations and acquisitions.

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