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A good lender understands the business and fundamentals of hospitality and can walk both sides of the fence, providing both financial assistance and operational understanding.

— Stonehill principal Mathew Crosswy

As we exit the pandemic, the hotel acquisition market has come back to life. Drawn in by the allure of an inflation hedge with good value relative to other asset classes, many new players are entering the hospitality space. The multiple new faces joining the fray include a surprising number of new investors and funds who often have the financial backing and an understanding of the fundamentals. But do they appreciate the nuances and fluctuations of our industry, which include volatility and a lack of liquidity during downturns? When push comes to shove, these new investors lack the experience to help their partners through troubled waters, often to the detriment of the entire project. To read more visit Know they lender – or risk putting your asset at risk on Hotel Management.