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Our hotel lending pros find creative financing solutions to help you improve profitability for your hotel.

As the hospitality industry looks to the future for maximizing profits, your hotel lending professionals can help fund tools you need for your strategies. Revenue management systems are quickly becoming the norm for hotel properties around the world. With increasing competition from all sides, hotels need to strategize for their continued success in the market. This often means investing in and adopting new technologies and systems. 

Hotel Lending for Investing in Revenue Management Systems

Hotel financing isn’t just for new construction or renovations. Funding helps with all the different aspects of running a successful organization, including investing in new tools for revenue management. The goal of revenue management systems is to optimize revenue. Many in the industry work to accomplish this by balancing occupancy rates and revenue performance metrics. 

Today, there are many technological tools hotels can use to help with their revenue management strategies. For example, demand forecasting tools and automated tracking for metrics such as ADR (average daily rate) and RevPAR (revenue per available room). However, cash flow limitations may hinder many properties from investing in tools they need for success. 

Hotel lending helps bridge this gap by providing creative financing solutions to help you invest in the tools you need for success. This can include new technologies and software, revenue management consultants, and even full-time revenue managers. Therefore, with the help of hotel loans, you can invest in a revenue management system to help track and maximize profits. 

Why Invest in RMS?

Why are so many hotels investing in revenue management systems? Simply put, they can help bolster your strategies for profitability. Getting the most value out of not only your rooms, but other services is the name of the game, and many in the hospitality industry are capitalizing on these strategies. 

Detailed and accurate data is essential for adopting strategies like dynamic pricing, marketing, and optimizing booking channels. Also, using revenue management systems can help you optimize wage costs by predicting the number of staff you need day by day and even hour by hour based on demand forecasts and even peak check-in and check-out times. In addition, this can also help improve guest satisfaction by minimizing wait times. Therefore, many properties are using hotel loans to invest in advanced revenue management systems for success. 

Your Hotel Lending Experts

Whether you need financing to help you invest in new systems to improve operations or you’re looking to recapitalize, our hotel lending experts at STONEHILL are here to help you achieve your goals. We’re here to help you execute your strategies with seamless, creative financing solutions. Our team is committed to your goals and providing you with innovative hotel financing services. Contact us today to discuss your lending needs with our specialists.