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When guests share photos of your hotel on social media, you get free publicity. Using hotel financing, you can make some upgrades to your hotel that will encourage people to snap plenty of pictures.

In the modern age, it’s not enough to provide clean, service-oriented hospitality. More and more, younger guests are looking for hotels that are Instagrammable so they can share their travels with friends on the internet. If your hotel needs an upgrade to achieve this, consider hotel financing to make your hotel social media worthy. This can not only help you increase the amount of people who book a room in your hotel, but also helps promote your hotel to others. Use hotel financing to add these features to make your hotel Instagram-worthy.

Use Hotel Financing to Upgrade Your Guest Room Accessories

An easy way to create a picture ready space for your guests is to incorporate striking accessories in your guest rooms. The more luxurious they look, the better. Consider hotel financing to add lush lounge chairs, ottomans, and curtains in each room. This will help encourage people to book with you and also snap a picture to share with their friends. 

Hotel Lending Can Help You Improve Your Lighting for the Perfect Photos

Hotel lending can also help you create better lighting inside your hotel. No one wants to post a dark, low quality picture on their social media account. Therefore, if you have a hard time taking a good picture in your guest rooms, lobby, or other spaces in your hotel, it’s likely time to upgrade your lighting. Hotel financing can help you install advanced lighting systems. This may inspire your guests to take pictures for their social media accounts. Be sure to install your lighting thoughtfully to ensure maximum light and picture quality.

Invest in Luxurious Bathroom Amenities

Another common area for people to post on social media is the bathroom. Specifically, luxurious bathrooms that feature spa-like amenities. For example, oversized bath tubs and waterfall showers are both on-trend and make great social media posts. Your hotel lending experts can help you finance these hotel renovations so that your guests can take photos of your extraordinary guest room bathrooms and tell people about your hotel. Be sure to choose the hotel financing options that will help you increase your revenue through these updates that younger guests are looking for.

At Stonehill, we offer specialty hospitality lending to help you achieve and maintain success. We specialize in direct lending to hotels to ensure that you receive the customized financing options you need. Whether you need hotel construction financing or mezzanine financing for renovations and updates, our team has the right options for you. Contact us to learn more about how Stonehill can help you accomplish your goals. We are here to serve you!